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    Quote Originally Posted by BulldogWrestler View Post
    Oh yeah. Forgot about that. To be honest, I like the Woodley/Hieron fight better.

    is she yelling hallelujah. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by BulldogWrestler View Post
    Conversely, Overeem has only beaten scrubs at HW save for his wins over Werdum (in which he was outstruck and only won because Werdum kept flopping to the mat to pull guard for some unknown reason) and Lesnar (who already had a foot out the door on his fighting career when he fought Overeem).

    Overeem is being hyped to the moon to get a title shot and if he beats Bigfoot, it wouldn't surprise me if he got one. There's no way he's beating Cain or JDS for the title though. I'm not even 100% he's getting past Bigfoot - I smell a huge upset here.
    Oke let me try again.. what does Bigfoot have that Overeem can't handle ( on paper )? K1 HW Champion, Dream HW Champion, Strikeforce HW Champion.. And he is hyped for nothing? The guy is a freak athlete and a super sick fighter. too bad there are only haters here on MMAF.

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    He was gifted titles in Dream and Strikeforce - and K-1 is a completely different sport.

    Look, he's a good HW. But he's unproven. Definitely not "super sick" imo and he's not a freak athlete at all. He's a guy who had to use steroids to develop his body and he was the very definition of a "middle of the road" fighter before he "hulked up." After he "hulked up" - he has beaten a who's who of nobodies (his BS decision against Werdum and the beating of Brock aside). Aside from his demolishment of Brock, he's looked like utter sh1t in the ring while doing it too (slow, plodding). Not impressive at all.

    That said, I think he'll be able to land on Silva - but I think it's a lot more interesting than people make it out to be. Silva offers an interesting challenge in that he's about as big as Overeem and can be deadly if the fight gets to the ground. We'll see.

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