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Up until the last few years they haven't really played in a long ass time....must have been rough for you =P
will be banning you in due time

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Now, that's just sour grapes, mister! BTW, I was at the best game of the year a few weeks ago (NYG vs ATL, of course).

I will say, I wish Atlanta would learn from other city's fans. The Giants were losing big time that game and I'm sure it was heart breaking to be there...but most of the Giants fans were there until the very last second. I admire that and wish Falcons were more like that.
god, what a beating that was. I like Matt Ryan though, heard he was an asshole in college though. One of my best friends was in classes with him and got to see him around a lot. I guess i'd be the same way if I was going to be a top 3 pick in the NFL. Regardless, he's a great player and the franchise is in good hands with him.

Giant fans are pretty good about staying for beatings. I went to see the Giants play Atlanta when Vick was still your QB and he beat us down bad. I remember the guy sitting next to us, stopped to question some of the people leaving early and almost got into it with one of them lol.