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Its the one thing ive never/cant get used to coming from the roots of PRIDE, now being forced into a one-show monopoly in the UFC.. And its the whole Couture cage clinch thing. I can completely forget about the soccer kicks, knees on the ground, yellow cards and whatever else, but the ridiculous amounts of time that is wasted with one guy pressing the other into the fence/not doing anything is, and always will be a huge turn off to me. You couldnt do it in the ring because of ropes..
I've said this for years and HATE it.... you'll hear rogan go on and on about how we should just let them jockey for position and work but in more cases than not the ref takes no initiative... meanwhile, we have to watch MINUTES get eaten up while nothing much gets done... I cant stand the cage because of it and I really wish more refs would break in and separate the fighters